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 Dance of Life

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PostSubject: Dance of Life   Dance of Life Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 12:47 pm

There were two hearts who met in a dance. That moment was magical. There was a sweet song playing, there was harmony, and soon love in the air. They fell in love and they started building castles in their dreams and promise forever with all certainty. But somewhere in the midst of the fun, they got lost in the dance. Something went wrong but they can never do anything. They were just drifting away, their fortress falling apart. There were so many questions, but no one had an answer. Then the music stops and then there's silence.

...When we truly love someone,we give our best and let that person see the pureness of our intensions. But sometimes that person makes us cry and hurt us for the wrong reasons. That someone must have love us, but he has not loved us enough to make him stand for what he truly felt. Now we are face on that seemingly impossible task of forgetting. We had burdened ourselves long enough but we still can't get out of this emotional trap. Let us remember that the more we try to forget someone we love, the more painful letting go it become. Sometimes we never have to take that person out of our hearts at all for he will always be there no matter how hard we try to drive him away. It isn't his presence that make this difficult. It is our stubborness to accept our destiny that alligns forgetting next to impossible. We keep the cold face but deep in our hearts there's still that lingering hope for our reconciliation. Somehow we still believe that we can rekindle those small embers and relight the fire that onced burned in our hearts. These thoughts give us hope but it also breeds the seeds of loneliness and despair. The only way to forget is to accept and the only way to move on is to look ahead and let that footprints of the past be blown by the wind of time. Only then can our hearts find the partner in the dance of life and hopefully never get lost again...

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Dance of Life
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