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PostSubject: VAIO UX SERIES ng SONY   VAIO UX SERIES ng SONY Icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 5:53 pm

UX series
Ultra Portable
Micro PC

VAIO UX SERIES ng SONY 1169909160018

VAIO UX SERIES ng SONY Sony_20ux1xn

Premium Micro PC
Dual cam

3D Interactive Tour

Ultra Portable Micro PC
The VAIO® UX Micro PC puts the world in your pocket and at your fingertips. It’s so small and lightweight you won’t believe it’s a full-functioning PC. This remarkably compact dynamo is designed for true PC performance on-the-go. A 4.5” widescreen display5 with XBRITE™ LCD technology delivers a clean, crisp viewing surface while an Intel® Core™ Solo Ultra Low Voltage processor and Windows Vista ™ Business operating system provide the PC usage experience you’re used to.

Easy to Use
Because the VAIO® UX Micro PC is a full-functioning PC using Windows Vista™ Business, application user interfaces are familiar and easy to use – you get full access to all your electronic documents, including the Internet and e-mail with attachments6 Advanced wireless capabilities6, are built right in, and expansion is a breeze with the included port replicator.

Superior Widescreen Display
The VAIO® UX Micro PC comes with a high-density 4.5” widescreen SVGA display5 with Sony’s original XBRITE™ technology, providing brilliant colors, sharp contrast, and crisp images, as well as the durability required to support the unit’s touch-panel functionality. And with the anti-reflective coating to minimize reflection, you’re assured an exceptionally clear image from almost any viewing angle.

Portable Entertainment PC
Take your tunes to-go
In addition to being a portable PC, the VAIO® UX Micro PC can also serve as your MP3 player, with the ability to download, hold and playback thousands of your favorite songs.

Two built-in cameras (yes, two)
Two built-in digital cameras are strategically implemented into the VAIO UX Micro PC, letting you capture, store, and share digital photos or even take part in live video chats6. And since the VAIO UX is capable of displaying in both landscape and portrait formats, you’ll view and enjoy your media in the orientation of your choice.

VAIO UX Premium Micro PC
Premium models (VGN-UX390N) of the VAIO UX Micro PC feature a sleek black form factor and cutting-edge flash memory. Faster and more reliable, flash memory provides quicker access to applications and a rapid boot-up while improving battery life.

The integration of flash memory reduces the time it takes for your PC to power up, access programs, and write data to the hard drive so you can operate multiple applications simultaneously and efficiently. More Reliable
Data is written to stationary flash memory instead of a volatile rotating hard disk so you have less risk of hardware problems when you're on the move. More Efficient
Since flash memory doesn't need the energy to rotate a hard disk, it takes much less power to operate, thereby conserving battery life.

Wireless Beyond Hotspots
Forget searching the road for hotspots and internet hook-ups, because with the VAIO® UX Micro PC you don't need a hotspot to stay connected. With integrated wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) technology1 and a subscription to the Cingular Wireless national EDGE network, you can extend your wireless coverage well beyond the restrictions of LAN access2 networks and hotspots.

Wireless LAN Technology2
The VAIO® UX Micro PC features integrated 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN2 technology, enabling easy access to your existing home or office wireless network and local hotspots without the need for additional hardware or network cards.

Bluetooth® Technology3
The VAIO® Professional UX Micro PC features integrated Bluetooth® technology3 for effortless communication with Bluetooth-enabled optional devices, such as PDAs, wireless headsets, and GPS receiver, without the need for additional hardware or software

SmartWi™ technology
Sony’s original SmartWi™ technology seamlessly manages wireless Wide Area Network (WAN)1, 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN2, and Bluetooth® technologies3. Now you can quickly and easily toggle among your wireless connectivity options – wireless LAN2 for home, office, and hotspots; Bluetooth® technology2 for peripherals; and wireless WAN1 for access to the Cingular Wireless EDGE network, when you’re traveling outside the reach of LAN2 access networks and hotspots.
Communications on the go
The VAIO® Professional UX Micro PC is communications-ready, with integrated camera and built-in microphone and speakers, so you’re equipped to communicate via VoIP6 virtually anywhere WLAN2 or WWAN1 service is available.

Easy to Use
Ingeniously compact design
The VAIO® UX Micro PC is truly an achievement in design, incorporating years of Sony engineering expertise. Knowing the VAIO® UX Micro PC needed to be remarkably compact but also effortless to use, Sony engineers created a host of ergonomic and functional features designed specifically to make using the UX Micro PC easy and fun.

Keyboard, stylus, and fingerprint sensor
An integrated keyboard and stylus allow you to choose the input method you prefer. VAIO® Touch Launcher and Instant Command enable quick and easy program access, and the biometric fingerprint sensor stores your passwords so you can access applications and secure web sites without having to type them.

Zoom, scroll, point
The UX Micro PC really makes smart use of all its display space. With control buttons for zooming, scrolling, and a stick pointer, as well as the ability to view in either landscape or portrait orientations, you’ll be able to view documents, applications, and media in the most appropriate way.

Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
Security is a top priority with the VAIO® UX Micro PC. All UX Micro PCs feature an integrated biometrics fingerprint sensor, ensuring personal security and the convenience of not having to remember your passwords.

G-Sensor™ HDD Shock Protection
Intelligent hard disk drive protection is yet another layer of engineering intelligence safeguarding your hard disk drive and the data on it against loss or damage. When the built-in 3D acceleration sensor detects a risky movement, the HDD-head will lock up to secure its position and protect the disc from scratching. An intelligent algorithm unique to VAIO® PCs judges whether or not a movement is risky, activating disk drive protection only when your hardware is at risk.

Convenient Expansion
Lots of slots
In addition to the single USB 2.0 port, Memory Stick Duo™ slot, and headphone and microphone inputs on the main unit, the VAIO® UX Micro PC comes with a VGA adapter and port replicator for convenient expansion. The port replicator includes three USB 2.0 ports, i. LINK®4, VGA, AV-out, Ethernet, and DC-in, and the VGA adapter includes ports for VGA, Ethernet, and AV-out.

GPS Navigation
The VAIO® UX Micro PC includes Microsoft® Streets & Trips GPS application pre-installed. Using the optional Bluetooth® GPS receiver and integrated wireless communications6, your UX Micro PC can perform as a portable navigation assistant.
1. Subscription with Cingular Wireless required. See www.sony.com/cingular for complete offer details, price plans, service terms and conditions, and coverage map. Call 1-888-739-VAIO (8246) for service activation.
2. Requires 802.11a or 802.11b or 802.11g compatible access point. Some functionality may require Internet services which may require a fee.
3. Interoperability among Bluetooth® devices varies.
4. i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an IEEE 1394 connector. All products with an i.LINK connector may not communicate with each other.
5. Viewable area measured diagonally.
6. Broadband Internet service required along with third-party services which may require a subscription fee or other service fee.

It's counterpart from OQO will be release soon with lots of stuff pack in it.

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